Stewart Schneider and Trent Bond obtained Summary Judgment

Stewart Schneider and Trent Bond were awarded Summary Judgment on behalf of a Bank client, in a Judgment declaring the Bank’s deed of trust to be in a first lien position.  Central to the case was whether or not a Quit Claim Deed at issue, which was signed during the grantor’s life but not recorded until after the grantor’s death, was validly delivered to the grantee.  Subsequent to the recording, the grantee sold the property and an heir to the deceased grantor sought to invalidate the Deed and all subsequent conveyances.  The Court found that delivery had been made and the Bank and its borrower qualified as a bona fide purchasers under Missouri law.   The real property at issue was adjudged to be free and clear of the heir’s claims.

Stewart Schneider and Adam Stockberger secure Quiet Title Judgment

Stewart Schneider and Adam Stockberger recently resolved a lender’s title insurance claim whereby the insured’s property was mistakenly encumbered by the neighboring owner’s warranty deed and deed of trust.  A judgment was obtained correcting the legal descriptions in the deeds.

Summary Judgment Reforming Deed of Trust

Adam Stockberger and Stewart Schneider obtained summary judgment in favor of a national bank.  The borrower had contended that the lender’s deed of trust was invalid due to irregularities in the language of the deed of trust.

Property Encroachment Resolved

On behalf of a national lender who had acquired property through foreclosure, Stewart Schneider successfully negotiated a favorable settlement with neighboring property owners and their lenders to resolve the encroachment of improvements on bank’s property onto neighboring land, resulting in a consent judgment awarding the Lender the land necessary to eliminate the encroachment.